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Love Coaching


City of Faith Church and Pastor Sabra have created a specially-designed curriculum for couples who wish to enter, or continue a marriage, based on Jesus Christ. In order to accommodate your schedule and relational context, there are two different options.


Option 1: Married Couples


Pastor Sabra is currently offering a couples love boot camp to address conflict in marital relationships and/or revitalize fading love. This class is not offered for non-married couples.


“Love” Boot camp..........................................................$499 private session

Group rates....................................................................$75 per couple


This is a five part class offering a 5 week exploration of 5 Greek words for Love (Epithumia, Eros, Storge, Phileo and Agape) followed by weekly exercises.


These interactive sessions feature clear rules for positive feedback, addresses assertive communication and enforces the rule to agree to disagree.  In addition, Pastor Sabra guides the couples through a process of what he terms a rational spiritual analysis of situations and self. Each session is 60 minutes of coaching by Pastor Sabra. The 5 part classes spans a scheduled period of 10 weeks. After each session, the couples have a 2 weeks period to “live-out” the principles and promises of each session.


Option 2: Engaged Couples


As with most pastors, Pastor Sabra has performed a fair number of weddings. Part of being in ministry is helping couples enter the most important of relationships…marriage. It’s a daunting task and responsibility. Prior to a wedding, however, City of Faith Church ministers have access to speak into a couple’s life in a way unique to any other time in their life. Pastor Sabra believes it’s important to help couples, as much as I can, be prepared for marriage. The City of Faith Church Pre-Marital workshop is a program designed to help couples take the right steps in preparing for marriage; diving into the real issues of marriage and helping couples see what struggles they might face in their life together.


“Pre-marital” Coaching....................................................$499 private session

Group rates.......................................................................$75 per couple


  • What Premarital Coaching is not:

  • Another box to check off: flowers, DJ, premarital

  • Just another thing we have to do just to get a pastor to marry us

  • To make our parents or fiancé happy

  • A Class for non-married “roommate” couples. 


Pastor Sabra teaches a Christian couples relationship is rooted in commitment. Until one has decided to commit, Pastor Sabra believes the relationship will have “problems”.  So non-married couples are encouraged to attend Bible Study and Sunday Worship experiences for relational growth and connection.  With that stated, all members have a right to schedule an appointment.

What is Premarital Coaching?


A time to consider marriage from a Christian perspective. It also happens to be a prerequisite for Pastor Sabra to officiate your ceremony. Pre-marital coaching is by far the most important part of your entire wedding/marriage planning process. Just think, if you lay a solid biblical foundation and gather the necessary tools to assemble a great marriage through premarital counseling, but your DJ plays the wrong song, half your flowers are dead and the cake is chocolate instead of lemon, it will have little, if any bearing on the outcome of your marriage.  But on the other side if you don't lay that solid biblical foundation, and have the most spectacular wedding, statistics show, there very well may be challenges. 

There are so many stories behind these lessons. Figuring out marriage is not always a pleasant process. However, it does provide the opportunity to be transformed further into who God created us to be as He draws us closer to one another and His own heart. This is part of the promise.


Pastor Sabra strongly recommends you enroll in premarital coaching before you get engaged or set a wedding date!  However if you are already engaged, and have set a date, the next suggestion is to request the 7 week pre-marital workshop by Pastor Sabra – ideally 6 months before your wedding date!


Class Information: The 7 week class is broken into a 7 week model held over a 90 day period. The Classes are about 90 minutes in length. 


Class 1- You are different – Opposites do tend to attract. Each spouse is not only differently physically, but there are differences in backgrounds, outlook on life and the way to approach a situation. This is not intended as a curse against marriage. God designed those differences for a reason. The more a couple learns to celebrate those differences, the stronger a marriage will become. 


Class 2- Leave and cleave – Don’t let either set of in-laws dictate how you lead your new family. Decide in advance that no one, related or otherwise, is going to be a wedge between you two. Every couple has lots of other relationships, including perhaps children someday, but none of them should be allowed to interfere with the oneness God intends to create with the marriage.


Class 3- Expect surprises – Life won’t always be as blissful as it is today. There will be hard days, whether self-induced or life-induced. Life brings changes and those times have the ability to catch even the best marriages off guard if not prepared for them. We can never be fully prepared for what might come, but we can prepare ourselves that when something comes, whatever it is and no matter how hard it is, that we will handle it . Couples should use these times to improve the strength of their marriage rather than allow them to pull the marriage apart. 


Class 4- Make a commitment to the marriage no matter what – Couples usually assume they are doing this by standing at the altar together, but statistics would say otherwise. Many times these days a person is saying “I’m committed until it becomes difficult or until the love we have today fades.” That’s not the Biblical picture of marriage God designed. Marriage is more than simply a feeling of love, it is a commitment to love…for better or worse…from this day forward. Verbalizing and agreeing to that on the front end, and continuing to remind yourself of that through the difficult days, will help the marriage last. Couples who should ask for help soon, not letting problems in the marriage linger too long without asking for help. Remove the fear of asking for professional counseling if necessary. It would be better to get help early than to see the marriage disintegrate beyond repair.


Class 5- Model after the right couples – I encourage couples to find a couple whose marriage they admire and follow them closely. Most likely they have some stories to share. Things may not have been as wonderful throughout their marriage as they are today. No doubt they have learned some practices to having a strong marriage. I challenge couples to learn all they can from the couple they want to be like. 


Class 6- Evaluate often – Couples should ask themselves often, are we growing together as a couple or further apart? Is the marriage growing stronger or are there holes that need addressing? Don’t assume your spouse feels as you do. Establish the understanding early in the relationship that you have the right to periodically check on the state of your marriage. 


Class 7- Put Christ first – This is the one most couples expect the pastor to say, but it’s not just the preacher answer, it’s the best secret to a lasting marriage. “A chord of three strands is not easily broken.” A couple’s individual and collective relationship with Christ will ensure they can endure the hardest days of a marriage. When the relationship with Christ suffers, the marriage will often suffer. Satan looks for any excuse to destroy the marriage. Pour your heart and life into Christ and let Him strengthen and sustain your marriage. 


Members in good standing at City of Faith Church and whom have completed all the required new member classes may request to have the coaching fee waived. To Schedule a coaching sessions with Pastor Sabra, please contact Carol Sosa at 291-970-9090.  


Note: Although Pastor Sabra is available to the membership and friends of City of Faith Church 24/7, it is recommended to arrange your appointments in accord with his standard Christian coaching blocks. General appointments with the Pastor are encouraged during the following time blocks: 


Tuesday 6pm-7pm

Wednesday Noon- 4pm

Thursday 6pm-7pm


If you are interested in renting the City of Faith Church campus for your wedding, please feel free to download our sanctuary rental form and contact our offices at 281-970-9090.  


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