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Tuesday Workshops


New Classes begin Tuesday April 21, 2015 at 7pm


Visiting, not to mention uniting with a local church is an important decision. As pastors and leaders of a Church are called to reach those most turned off by church and many others whom are not familiar with Church at all, we have created these Tuesday workshops to help all understand What is Church.


City of Faith Church believes we need to not only help people understand What is Church, but we also need to properly coach them through the process of uniting with a local church body. The Tuesday workshops are a crash course on Church. 


Small Groups- Testimony Night Workshop


This workshop is an opportunity to encourage prospective members to get to know other potential members of the church as well as leaders in the church. The Small Groups- Testimony Night workshop provides a new members and seeking guest the opportunity to hear the gospel and learn about connecting in some amazing small groups. Obviously, the primary purposes of a new membership class are church orientation and teaching doctrine. However, relational orientation to the churches leaders and other potential members is given a high priority through this Tuesday night workshop. The significance of connecting with others in this workshop will pay dividends for a long time to come.


Church 101- “Information” Workshop


This Workshop help everyone in the church enter “on the same page.” City of Faith Church believes that a prospective member should know what the church believes on essential and non-essential doctrines, how a church works, and how it makes decisions. Therefore, communicating the church vision, core values, and explaining its ministry philosophy are the fundamental focuses of the Church 101 workshop Night.  Moreover, this night will help new members and seeking visitors learn what to reasonably expect from the church leaders, processes, and its ministries.


What We Believe Workshop


In our culture the statement “I am a Christian” can mean ten thousand things, therefore it is important to make sure as humanly possible that everyone desiring membership has a clear understanding of our beliefs and teachings at City of Faith Church. For this reason it is beneficial to hear doctrinal beliefs of the Church and its teaching prior to investing your family’s time. In addition, this workshop focuses a large percentage of time on the subject of being a New Believer. The New Believers component of this workshop is a great crash course on salvation. This class dives deep into the beliefs of the Church and even has a social hot topics section addressing how our doctrine addresses hot issues of the day. This is a fun class for all.


Church 102- “Instructional” Workshop


City of Faith Church articulates clear membership expectations in during the Church 102 workshop. We discuss practical matters of being a participant in the life of the Church from how our facility works, worship etiquette, matters of conflicts of interest when dealing with other members as well as things such as gifts of ministry and how to grow your faith. One key area of discussion is the Matthew 18 conflict resolution process adhered by the leadership of City of Faith Church which discusses what would happen if church members did not live up to membership covenant and expectations. City of Faith Church believes being clear as to what the church expects goes a long way in setting the church member relationship on the right path. Traditional and very experienced Church goers may find this workshop rather redundant, yet new church goers find this workshop to be one of the most beneficial. Rather than just assume that a new member will automatically want to get involved in ministry and will know how to do so. In this Tuesday Workshop you will learn Christian discipleship entails involvement, and learn of entry level opportunities for service.




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